We have a foothold on an extremely competitive market. Providing with advanced facilities, excellent technologies, strict management, we always concern our customers' requirements, and guarantee high-efficiency, high quality of our products.
With regards to every telephone call, every letter and E-mail to us, we will register all of them according to our regulations, and guarantee to reply in time.
Sample-sending service: We will send you samples by Express Mail Service at your request, and also will enclose with detailed specifications. Furthermore, we will proceed with careful packing to ensure the sample is safe.
Notify promptly: We will notify you the progress of the production and the state of quality control inspection, to make sure your order is under your control at full-scale.
Dealing enquiries from customers: We are striving to satisfy our customers with our best service. If things goes wrong, we unconditionally guarantee you to handle the problems and reply you in time, meanwhile take steps to avoid resembling incidents happen again.
Packing assurance: We will strictly observe our client's requirement on trademarks and shipping marks, and inspect them carefully, and give every efforts to prevent the possibility occurrence of damage.
Customers' confirmation of goods acceptance: After our clients receive the goods, we will write to you to confirm that. If something goes wrong, we will take remedial measures instantly and check our management system to prevent resembling incidents happen again from now on.
Handling complaints: We will conscientiously to implement every term of condition, do our utmost to avoid the occurrence of the problem; at the same time, we will record all of the complaints about us, to guarantee we handle and answer in time.

Striving for perfection, service above everything, honest and faithful, living on sincerity.
We are looking forward to your earnest and sincerest cooperation!